Skinbae was designed and produced to meet the needs of modern men and women – to save time and money. We take exceptional pride in providing the most holistic skincare solution while ensuring cruelty free manufacturing and testing! Skinbae, Canada maintains a negative carbon footprint and is dedicated to providing blue and white collar opportunities to the future generation.


Skinbae is designed and manufactured with a groundbreaking revolutionary lens design enabling it to profoundly infiltrate the skin – allowing it to deliver faster results and be more effective in the long run. Skinbae’s IPL technology coupled with the revolutionary lens design enables Skinbae to remove up to 95% of unwanted hair, rid your pretty faces of acne and acne scarring; and rejuvenate your skin by eliminating sunspots, fine lines, dull skin, shallow wrinkles and neck lines by improving the quality of your skin from within. This revolutionary lens design allows Skinbae to penetrate the skin more thoroughly and effectively than other IPL devices.

We love healthy skin at Skinbae, Canada! We are committed to offering the most progressive and revolutionary IPL skincare device to the market. Our customers become part of our ever-expanding Skinbae fam and we always aim to delight by providing them with the highest quality standards and best consumer experience through the ultimate Skinbae solution!

Skinbae was developed by a team of experts and professionals who were tired of wasting their time and money on expensive treatments at salons and spas – we were exceptionally sick of having to take time out from our busy days for repetitive, time consuming and costly skincare treatments. We realized an at-home solution for unwanted hair removal, acne treatments and skin rejuvenations had become an absolute necessity for the modern man and woman. Thus, Skinbae was born.


The Skinbae team comprises of individuals who collectively want to deliver the best product and service available within the industry to their consumers, but never at the cost of the environment! Sustainability is key. That’s why Skinbae comes in biodegradable packaging and helps reduce overall waste through the decreased usage of hair removal methods. Skinbae guarantees cruelty-free testing and manufacturing!

So what’re you waiting for? Buy yours now for a lifetime of healthy and hair-free skin!

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