This space age laser is the light machine that dermatologists use to obliterate wrinkles, acne, dark spots, and unwanted hair.
  • Dermatologist recommended & approved
  • Hair-free within sessions
  • Treats hyperpigmentation, acne, acne scarring,blemishes, redness and uneven skin
  • Targets melanin to treat age spots, sun spots and skin discolorations
  • Activates your body’s natural restoration process for healthier color and glow
  • Reduces wrinkles by tightening skin and restoring collagen layers


“I’ve been using skinbae for three months now. It is absolutely remarkable! It clears up blemishes and spots, gets rid of pesky omni-growing hair and makes me look like I just had a facial done. It’s practically magical! It doesn’t hurt either”

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  • Removes hair re-growth from first session
  • Clear, tighter & acne free skin in sessions
  • Safe & effective on face, body & brazilian
  • Completely pain-free
  • Full body treatments in minutes
  • 4.9 star reviews with thousands of happy customers
  • One time purchase; save time, money & plastic
  • Try Skinbae risk-free – 100 Day Money Back Guarantee


Yes, Skinbae really does all three! Skinbae is the only at home IPL with a fixed lens (no attachments) to treat the face, body, pits and bikini for hair removal, acne treatments and skin rejuvenation. Our powerful and diverse design safely provides full body treatment for a wide range of skin improvement procedures.

Our unique multi-layered lens allows Skinbae to not only remove unwanted hair, but also treat acne, acne scarring, fine lines, shallow wrinkles, uneven skin texture, discoloration, sun spots, age spots and dull skin at a fraction of the cost of expensive salons and clinics.

Skinbae uses IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology, currently a widely popular method of treating unwanted hair. When paired with our unique multilayered lens, it also treats acne, slows aging by reducing wrinkles and eliminating fine lines; and rejuvenates the skin. Regular treatments restore collagen layers, leaving a skin with a naturally healthier color & glow.

Most Skinbae owners begin to notice a reduction in hair, acne/acne scarring and improvement in overall skin texture & appearance within the first 2-3 sessions with complete results after twelve sessions. We recommend using Skinbae as per the treatment schedule.

Of course it is! Globally, there have been numerous studies that conclude the safety and effectiveness of IPL for hair removal, acne treatments & skin rejuvenation. Therefore, it has become an extremely popular and safe at-home treatment. Skinbae uses FDA approved technology and has both ROHS & CE certifications ensuring its high product quality as well as environmental awareness during the manufacturing process.

Due to the level of melanin in the skin, the darkest skin tones will not be able to use IPL. The same applies if you have a recent tan. Additionally, we urge you to thoroughly go through the owner’s manual and tutorial video to learn how to maximize your device’s lifespan as well as to safely perform treatments. We also advise that you check with your doctor if you are taking any medication that may make your skin sensitive to light. People with epilepsy should not use any IPL device.

No, Skinbae does not hurt or cause pain. Skinbae has adjustable 8 intensity levels that are designed to suit a wide range of skin tones and skin types. 
We have provided detailed intensity charts and schedules to best meet your needs. 
No women part of the effectiveness study said they experienced pain provided the correct settings were used as provided in the Intensity Chart within the Owner’s Manual. Most women described a warm sensation whereas the rare few felt slight itching or prickling for up to one hour after the treatment. We recommend you follow the test instructions within the owner’s manual before your first session. 
Pain can be experienced during or after treatment if:
  • If you use Skinbae on unshaved skin
  • If you use Skinbae at an intensity too high for you
  • If you flash Skinbae on the same spot repeatedly
** DO NOT use Skinbae on open wounds, inflammations, cuts, infections, tattoos, burns, etc. 

You can use Skinbae on your entire body; including your bikini, full brazilian, legs, hands, feet, back, forehead, temples, cheeks, upper lip, chin, jawline, arms & underarms. When treating your face, avoid flashing close to your eyes.

Additionally, dark freckles & moles should be avoided as they contain more melanin and can absorb too much heat leading to minor skin burns.

It is safe to use anywhere except the eyes, nipples or directly on your privates. It is necessary to avoid using on wounded or sunburnt skin.

Skinbae has no negative impact on long-term health and fertility. It is non intrusive and IPL technology has been around for more than 25 years. No research has indicated IPL usage can lead to skin cancer, fertility or any other health related issues.

When using your Skinbae device as recommended, side effects are rare. However, a slight redness and a little inflammation can be the most common side effect of IPL, it too quickly subsides post treatment.

Yes, Skinbae can be shared with anyone. This will, however, decrease the lifetime of your handset per user. You should also always thoroughly clean the handset before and after each use.

Skinbae will work on all skin tones except the darkest skin tones; as there is too much melanin in the skin, which may absorb too much light energy.

For laser hair removal, Skinbae will not work on natural red heads, platinum blondes, grey or white hair; as there is not enough melanin within the hair follicle to absorb Skinbae’s light energy.

Of course we got your back – Skinbae comes with a 12 month warranty and a hassle free 100 day money back guarantee. For details please visit the Money Back Guarantee page.


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    I had my legs lasered about a year ago and i needed to go back in for touchups and damn it was costing an arm and a leg! A friend recommended this guy and am i glad she did! It was practically free in comparison to the prices clinics were charging even for touchups! I now have a lifelong hair removal device that i can use from the comfort of my own home and at my convenience! Don’t think just buy ladies! You won’t regret it!!

    Diana Aileas


    Everything you need to laser from home . Packaging is 10/10, accessories 10/10, design 10/10, ease of use 10/10, style 10/10 ! It comes with a cleaning wipe for the lens so you can easily go from treating your bikini to treating your face within seconds . The shades come with a special glass to keep the laser rays out of your eyes . I had to shave every other day for the first month, in the second month I shaved once in 2 weeks

    Emy Gertrud


    Got this while I was watching KUWTK and drinking wine. Kendall was talking about getting laser on her arms and one thing lead to another and this was at my doorstep! I would rate this drunk buy as a success. I once ordered a bee custume on amazon because I read a really wholesome review. So yeaah, that’s enough about me. I had never shaved my arm.

    Natasja Bedelia


    I like it so far! There really isn’t much difference with DIY & clinical hair removal. With most other devices you need to buy attachments for different parts of the body, which makes this the least expensive hair removal option. I use retinoids and I am phasing them out slowly before I start skin rejuvenation for laugh lines and forehead lines.

    Ella Montez


    My mom got this for me on my birthday because I wanted to get laser done from a clinic. Surprisingly, this was so much more convinent and safe, cuz of covid clinics were either close or had jacked up prices. It got rid of my embarassing belly hair within sessions. Now my sister has started using it too

    Amina Benton


    The skin bae gets you results! I have no hair in my pits and bikini after 12 sessions with intensity 8. The laser has tightened the loose skin in my my pits. Easy and permanent!