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Skinbae Reviews

Ella Montez

My mom got this for me on my birthday because I wanted to get laser done from a clinic. Surprisingly, this was so much more convinent and safe, cuz of covid clinics were either close or had jacked up prices. It got rid of my embarassing belly hair within sessions. Now my sister has started using it too

Clara Hera

It works like a pro!!!! BEST PART: no pain or burning && free glasses! WORST PART: it took 3 weeks to see anyy real results. I did my research of all these handsets avaiable in the market. I saw all of skinbaes youtube reviews before ordering, I read all the blogs on their website so I knew what I was going into, how to use it and what to expect. This handset is easy to use once you have done the tests on your body to know which intensity to use where.

Vjera Loane

I did my 3rd session today and I am happy to report that it works - albeit slowly. I am seeing spots where hair regrowth is zero on my legs and the hair is not itchy when it is growing out.

Sion Mercado

I got this for laser hair and I noticed during my sessions that it cleared up spots on my legs that I have had since my teens and random tiny pimples on the skin as well. The hair stopped regrowing after I did skinbae 7 times but I did all recommended 12 sessions

Suri Angela

I am going to give skinbae a whopping 110/100 for anti aging. You guys, it is nothing short of a face lift! I am telling you, my skin has improved in so many ways more than just lifting wrinkles and evening skin tone, it has made my skin way way way more bouncey. I have been skipping foundation and corrector all together, all I throw on is a concelear and setting powder and I am good to go for skin prep. I used it on a whitehead and within days the bump disappeard.

Celine S

I got this last summer but had to stop tanning before using it. They say it should not be used on tans and stuff like that. Within weeks I started seeing results and this whole summer I didn't have to even think about shaving! It's also helped me get rid of some spots on my face which I had had for years. Money well spent!

Valarie K.

Honestly I was super skeptical when I got this as a gift from my boyfriend (and slightly offended too. Was he trying to imply I'm hairy or sum??) I ended up using it on just one leg and didn't remove any hair from my other leg. This had been to prove to him that he wasted his money, my time, and that I've no need for things like these. (I'm an old fashioned girl who never thought shaving or waxing was a problem) but the results I'm seeing on my leg are nothing short of amazing!

Ilona Zoé.

QUEEEN SKINBAE!! I did not plan on writing a review but these guys reached out via email and they've been so helpful so here I am. It really does work peoplee!! It is hands down the best handset with the nicest representatives. They answer your questions within minutes, about anything. I messaged them asking how to get the device into acne mode (yes lol i wasn't getting it) and they guided me and did not make me feel about asking silly questions.

Obediah Wilchcombe

I'm from San Salvador. Its mostly hot and humid here so tank tops are a must. I was tired of having to constantly shave my pits to keep the hair at bay. With this guy i go for months without needing to shave. It's brilliant! I'd recommend it to anyone looking to get away from the neverending war that is hair removal.


I've had a beard for most of my life but I recently got married and my wife prefers a clean shave. I've sensitive skin so shaving everyday was irritating my skin and resulting in acne breakouts. She got me this device so we both could have what we want - I only need to shave once every few months and she get's a husband without any facial hair. I've recently started using it on my pubes as well and am seeing great results there too. I recommend it to every man looking to get away from the hassle

Anne Phillip

I started using Skinbae in April mainly for my bikini (picture not attached lol) to prep for summer. I get cystic bumps on my bikini line every summer like clockwork. I wanted to skip the drama this year so I got me this because it was the only IPL with acne treatments and hair removal without doing seperate treatments for them. I am truly shook at how well it works. It is really smooth, works quickly, works well and lasts apparently forever. I have removed hair from my underarms

Jayden Garcia

I HATED MY ACNE! I can't believe how fast and simple it was to treat acne with skinbae and it removed my facial hair like stash, peach fuzz on cheeks. It's made my skin actually healthy, like its got a glow and everything. It was so much more convienent and it has also stopped random embarassing outbreaks.

Tamera Jacob

Being a single mom I barely had any time for shaving my pits. I was either working or taking care of the kids. I was so happy to find an affordable permenant hair removal solution (I got it on sale). It works girls, it really works! Get it and stop worrying about hair growth!

Mabel Diaz

Took 15 minutes to do legs, pits and bikini, saw skin clear up fast! Thigh hair stopped growing back instantly. I did not follow the schedule very closely, used it after I shaved, which was once every other week. Have not shaved for months and gave the device to my husband who uses it now. My first session was in April.

Betty Denver

I hated the tiny black hair that's leftover even after you shave your pits. I always wanted clean pits like movie stars have. I tried creams, gels, shaving and even waxing. While waxing got me similar results they never lasted too long and it hurt like hell! I saw an ad for skinbae and did my research by checking out reviews on youtube and their website before buying it. Until using it I couldn't believe it would actually be painless! I didn't even feel it flashing away at and getting rid.

Bethan Orr

I finished my sessions 2 months ago and I am still as smooth as a baby's butt.


It took about 20 minutes to prep and treat legs. It works with burning the roots of the hair so I exfloliated twice a week to speed up the process. Results were good! The pores on my legs have closed as well, my skin looks and feel smoother. I felt my skin was a little drier than usual so I have to moisturze them to keep them glowy. I do touch ups randomly even though no hair has grown.


Got it for my armpits.. it was easy and hair fell out within days so I did my chest and I can't complain!

Brie N

I just got this and am excited to share that it works! I did 2 treatments in 1 month. I have done my upper lips, under arms, legs, back and brazlian. Brazilian results are better! Works really well on hard thick hair.

Pauline Gonzalez

Got it for touchups during the lockdown thinking itll get me by. but im never going back to the clinic and spending thousands in treatments again

PJoane Okeefe

I suffered from a lot of dark spots and blemishes literally splattered across my face and arms. I've been using it regularly as described for the past month and can honestly say I almost have a perfect complexion and feel continued usage and completion of the treatment cycle should rid me of them for good. Also, the clinic estimated I'd spend nearly $3700 to clear it up but skinbae did the job for me

Melissa Foster

Great experience. Definitely recommended

Sienna M

I love the device! It looks really good on my vanity! Super instagrammable shit! It works well too. lol. Most of my hair is gone but tbf I only use it whenever I remember and haven't followed the treatment schedule much

Skye H

I was skeptical when I purchased Skinbae. It was an impulse decision. I've had acne all my life and tried all kinds of products out there and had honestly given up hope, skinbae got rid of scars on my neck and face. It has a big face which makes treatments really fast.

Alexia K

Six months in.. awesome. phenomenal. painless. everyone must get this!! it is the best purchase i have ever made!

Sheryln Craig

It works even when I skip a treatment! I honestly just did it a few times on my upper lip and the hair is just gone! It's just gone! Love this machine


Reporting after my first treatment: super easy to use, painfree, manual was supremely helpful. Can notice hair reduction and brighter skin already!

Fatima Lara

I have really sensitive light skin and dark hair (shade: hude beauty cheesecake). 100% results! I have a hairy back. It was super easy to use skinbae on my back. Shaving is just impossible and you can't really see if you left any hair behind until it's too late. Get it girls, it'll be a decision you won't regret

Lowri Peters

This lens is magical. Skin improved 10/10 100% hair removal! Shockingly fast & effective! Doesn't hurt or sting or burn the glasses are super cute and I even wear them when going out

Kathleen R.

Awesome results !! Ive been using it for 4+ months for sure the best lockdown purchase. Healthier skin and almost no acne scars left!

Jenny S

I didn't realize how much time I was spending shaving until I realized that I haven't shaved in two months. Got skinbae a couple months ago and Im just livin it!!


Being a single parent means forgetting about your own needs. At least I've got skinbae to take care of me.

Mya Green

Money well spent! Saw this on instagram and after reading the reviews gave it a shot. The results were incredible!! Started seeing real results within 3 weeks but after the 8th week it was just a whole new ball game. In the short-term I saw significant reduction in hair coupled with brighter skin. Long-term my skin feels smoother, silkier and just.. younger somehow. p.s. not having to shave is a luxury I didn't know but can't live without anymore!

Cody Harrison

Thought these IPL devices were only for women. lol. I've used it on my cheek bones, neck, pits and.. feet. guys, don't make fun. we all have this problem! Doesn't hurt physically, the wallet or my manhood. lol


Decided to give it a shot during the lockdown. The Marvel crochet and skinbae kept me sane. Didn't have to worry about a slow-grow stache during my zoom meetings

Martha H

I had the worst ingrown hair problems! Couldn't wax or shave, obviously. With SKINBAE IPL the frequency went from once a week to once every 3 months. It's also effective on ingrown hair and scars left by them.

Natasha C

Results have been awesome so far! On my fifth session. Lifechanging results! Here's the update: Armpits 100% results. Bikini 99% results - bonus it didn't hurt one bit! Legs 100%. Belly 80% but im also lazy ive done it like twice only. face - UNBELIEVABLE results! not only am I hairfree but i have this.. glow I never did. I'm surprised by how brilliant this little thing is!


Ergonomic. Easy to handle.emits intense light. comes with glasses and a cleaning cloth. Instructions with skin and table values to adjust the intensity. The device flash burns but is accepTable. I recommend.

Aurora Mckenzie

I'm loving it! It arrived within 4 days in perfect condition. I already used it 5 times. Saw results from the 4th!! I've even told all my friends to buy one

Jimmy W

very good for removing pubic hair

Betty A

I used to go to the salon for hair removal and acne treatments. This device coupled with the right ointments and moisturizers has eliminated the need for dermatologist visits and has saved me 1000s of $$$ in the process! I highly recommend anyone interested in hair removal or acne treatments make the purchase immediately! I feel so much better without my acne scars and as much active acne.

Chelsea Wright

I never write reviews but I have been so delightfully surprised by this amazing device I had to write something! It was about week 7 that I really started seeing real results. I realized I didn't have to shave my underarms anymore! Most of the hair on my legs is completely gone so that I don't really have to shave my legs either. I am totally amazed by this product! If you are thinking about buying it, do it! It is so worth it!!!! I love this thing!!!! Best $450 I ever spent!

Jennifer B

I kept my hopes and expectations low with this one, but totally surprised by the results! It has not onlly made my skin much brighter but cured me of some active acne AND changed my shaving schedule from every other day to every other week within 9 treatments!


It's been a few months, so I can actually rate results based on real experience. It's pratically painless, should be tolerable at full power by almost anyone. It takes time to treat larger areas (unlike at the salon machine - which goes faster), but has similar, if not even more effective results than the expensive Salon treatments. I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who wants to thin out and get rid of unwanted hair. Added benefit it seems to have made my skin look healthier too


I have been using an epilator for years on legs, underarms and bikini area. I got tired of the painful, tedious and ridiculously slow process of using the epilator on my legs, so I started getting them professionally waxed. That proved too expensive, so I got a wax kit to do my legs myself and still use the epilator on underarms and bikini area. While I do have some results from epilating and waxing, I feel like I've been doing it forever and I should have much better results.

Rayne Branch

This product is amazing. It really works. I recommend it to every one who wants to have hairless body + do not want to pay high prices at medical centers offering laser hair removal service. It does an amazing job.


I've been using this for 12 weeks and im happy to report it works brilliantly! It is warm but not hot and is very easy to use. I never thought i would ever be able to get rid of those little (light) freckles on my face but this product completely eliminated them!

Jess B

I've done 4 treatments using skinbae and it WORKS. I've noticed significant decrease in hair growth and some areas have stopped growing hair altogether! I used to have to shave every 2 days, but now it's cut down to once a week or even longer! I was extremely hesitant on buying this product because I was afraid my skin tone would be too tan (foundation shade: Fenty 290 for reference), but it works great. Getting professional laser hair removal could cost thousands.

Franky S

I’ve wanted to try laser hair removal for years, but never felt like I could afford it. Thank goodness for this product. It’s cheaper than one session of professional laser hair removal would be. I have very fair skin and dark hair, and after four weeks of use, I’ve noticed a definite reduction in my hair growth. It has even made my skin look healthier. I can’t wait to see how it continues to work over time. It does hurt a little bit, but it’s not terrible.

Sarah K

High quality materials and beautiful color. Love the box and the logo. Received within 5 days in Missouri. Saw results from first session. Can't wait to complete the treatment

Lorelai Adams

It came quickly, packed well and entact, everything corresponds to the description, the instruction is only in English. It is convenient to use, almost like in the salon and at a price comparable to a single procedure at the salon. The device apparently has protection against overheating, sometimes went into cooling mode, had to wait a bit for it to cool. Results are astonishingly good. Practically no hair growth left!

Angela Carpenter

Skinbae came on the 4th day of order and has nearly completely fixed my acne scarring within 4 treatments. I highly recommend it to anyone suffering from scars. They made me a point of riddicule at school and I couldn't be happier to get rid of them

Sasha Khan

I'm on my 6th session. I've had Skinbae for two months (I was lazy the first two weeks). I've used it on my face, pits, arms, legs & brazillian. The results are phenomal. I've honestly saved so much time & MONEY! I had my legs lasered from a clinic about a year ago and it cost me $4400. It has started to grow again so I was in the market for a DIY solution. Given available options I felt skinbae offered the greatest benefits and value for money. It has reduced laugh lines and a deep blemish that...


I'm impressed and that isnt easy to do! I didnt expect it to work exactly like the description! But I thought hey if i get just hair removal out of it that'll be great but its fixed my acne scarring that I had been dealing with for most of my teenage life. I love skinbae!! I had tried creams ointments, everything. Nothing seemed to fix it, then walks in this device! It has given me a newfound confidence now that I have clear skin! EVERYONE BUY ONE!! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE MISSING!!!

Christine R

This thing has been such a major upgrade in my life, I cannot even begin to tell you. I’ve gone through rounds and rounds of expensive laser hair removal all over, for basically all of my adult (and part of my teenage) life. Some results have been better than others. Unfortunately, I had some areas that had growth that was STIMULATED by laser, which is a rancid thing that can indeed happen (so be careful, laser virgins!). My arms had coarse hair that rivaled a bristly cactus.

Jillian Apple

The reason for this great review is because it has worked fantastically everywhere that I've used it. The first time you use it will be a little surprising, each flash feels like a little burn (because that's what it is) but the sensation fades quickly, and if you're like me and your skin isn't especially sensitive, within a few minutes it won't feel like anything happened. You'll likely smell a little burning hair, that's normal. I used it once a week for a few weeks on... one area.


I'm on my 4rth treatment (ALL BODY) and I've started seeing results! I was honestly very surprised since I had my doubts, but it does work. It's been a week, and I have no hair in my armpits or legs (except for a few small patches), and I used to shave every other day! So far, I am happy. Compared to professional laser treatment it is totally worth the money and the pain is minimal in my opinion (I can barely feel anything).